5.2.2 Listening: Conversation with a doctor

Read and listen to the conversations with a doctor. Which trimester is each conversation about

Conversation One:

Doctor: Hi Maral, congratulations on your pregnancy. How are you feeling today?
Patient: I feel ok, just a bit nauseous. 
Doctor: I’m sorry to hear that. Morning sickness is very common in the first trimester. The good news is most women feel much better after the first trimester is over. 
Patient: Oh, that’s good to hear.
Doctor: Since this is our first visit, is it ok if I ask you a few questions?  
Patient: Sure.
Doctor: When was your last period?
Patient: About two months ago, I think. 
Doctor: Is this your first pregnancy?
Patient: Yes, it is.
Doctor: Ok. Are you taking any medications or vitamins?
Patient: No.
Doctor: You should start taking prenatal vitamins.
Patient: Ok. Is there a specific brand you would recommend?
Doctor: It’s up to you. Just make sure to follow the directions on the label. Some of them you need to take once a day, others – two or three times. 
Patient: I see.
Doctor: How are your eating habits? Would you say you have a healthy diet?
Patient: Hmm… I am not sure. I work full-time and do not always have time to cook fresh meals. Can you recommend a good resource on healthy eating?
Doctor: Absolutely, I will give you a brochure before you leave.

Conversation two

Doctor: Hi Maral. How are you today?
Patient: Good, thank you doctor. I feel much better now that the morning sickness is gone.
Doctor: That’s great to hear. So, your weight looks fine, and your urine sample is normal. 
Patient: Oh, good. 
Doctor: We’ll schedule your first ultrasound for August 17th, which is your 20th week.You will be able to hear your little one’s heartbeat then. 
Patient: This is so exciting! Thank you.
Doctor: Now, let me check your blood pressure. Please roll up your sleeve.

Conversation 3

Doctor: So, how is it going?
Patient: I am good, but it’s getting harder to walk. I get tired quickly and run out of breath when I walk up the hill. Oh, and I go to the bathroom a lot. 
Doctor: This is because your baby is getting big now and pressing up your lungs and down your bladder. It is still a good idea to go out for a walk every day but take it easy and take breaks as often as you need.