1.2 Reading

Read about Healthcare in BC. Hover your mouse (put over the word without clicking) on the words in bold (thick black letters) to read their meanings.

All BC
residents a person who lives in BC
and government-assisted refugees must apply for the
Medical Services Plan health insurance provided by the government of BC for its residents
(MSP). After you apply, you will receive a BC healthcare card by mail with your Personal Health Number on it. Show this card when you see a doctor. The Medical Services Plan is free for you.

 MSP pays for:  

  • physician a medical doctor
  • specialist a doctor who knows a lot about one topic
  • going to a hospital
  • a doctor or midwife caring for pregnant women
  • lab tests that your doctor ordered for you (for example, blood tests,
    X-raya picture of the bones
  • medically required eye exams for adults 19 – 64 years of age
  • annual eye exams for children (0-18 years old) and seniors 65+ years old
  • medically required
    surgerieswhen the doctor cuts into someone’s body to fix or remove the damaged part
  • medically required
    dental relating to teeth

MSP does not pay for:

  • not medically required surgeries (e.g. cosmetic surgeries)
  • regular eye exams for adults 19 – 64 years old
  • most dental services 
  • eye glasses, hearing aids, or other medical equipment
  • prescription drugsmedicine that someone’s doctor officially tells them to use
  • massage therapy, physical therapy, etc.
  • help of
    counsellors a person who listens to people and gives them advice about their problems
    or psychologists

You can buy extra insurance to help you pay for these services. If you have a job, you may get additional health insurance to cover them.

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